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South America

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazilian BBQ

    I may have mentioned in previous posts that I think it’s fantastic when I get to try the foods of the country that it is known for in the country itself. No exception here when we checked out a Brazilian BBQ restaurant! We were seated with our tour group at one long table. The restaurant […]

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Oldest Bar in Santa Teresa

    In the area of Santa Teresa in Rio, there is a small bar called Armazem Sao Thiago. It’s literally one of those hidden gem places, because without our friend driving us around, we probably wouldn’t have found it. It’s one of the oldest bars in Rio, being founded in 1919. And the interior of this […]

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Sugarloaf Mountain

    The last stop on the tour was to Sugarloaf Mountain, also known as Pão de Açúcar in Portuguese. The name comes from the way it looks. The loaf is the mountain and the sugar is the clouds surrounding it. This place is known to give panoramic views of the city… when it’s not cloudy out. […]

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Carnival

    With Halloween being 2 days away, I find it appropriate to do a post on Carnival. Carnival is known world-wide and takes place before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), specifically the Friday until Tuesday. The timing is the same as Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday; sound familiar?), but taken to the next level. It is a […]

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Christ the Redeemer

    You may be familiar with the Christ the Redeemer from images or videos you may have seen… particularly the people who base-jump off the arm of the statue. If not, search it on YouTube. Christ the Redeemer is part of the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World (deemed in 2007). There are […]

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Hottest Spot North of Havana

    My name isn’t Lola, and I’m not a showgirl, but we were in the Copacabana at the end of July. It was considered wintertime and cloudy for most of our stay, but we made the best of it even if we missed the masses of people lying on the Copacabana Beach. We did luck out […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Noteworthy Dinner

    They sure have an interesting way to say, “Hey have some dinner at our restaurant!” in Buenos Aires. They have the meat next to the fire to keep the meet warm. If that put your taste buds off, then you’ll love how they decorated the restaurant with mounted animal heads on the wall. Classy. While […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: No llores por mi Argentina

    We spent one of our afternoons here at Museo Evita, or for you English speakers, Evita Museum, dedicated to the first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón. As for the familiar song to many, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, is a song in the musical “Evita”, which is the story of her life that we learned […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Tango Time

    This was the demonstration of the tango dance given by our instructors for the evening. They were also 2 of the dancers and entertainers at Sabor a Tango. This lesson was given before the dining portion of the evening, and I’ll divulge in that in the next post. It was a lot of fun. While the […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fiesta Gaucho

    We spent half a day (late morning through the afternoon) in the town of Capilla del Senor, which is north of Buenos Aires, at the Don Silvano Ranch. We headed out to the ranch to check out the country side. Remember that we were in Argentina in June, so the weather was crisp. There wasn’t much to see […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Touring the Tigre Delta

    This town Tigre, is named after the tiger and jaguar hunting people used to do in this area. Think of this place now as a weekend getaway area for the locals. It reminds me of the boardwalk, pier, or a lake getaway. On the tour, we saw colonial buildings and stilt homes. The first building we […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Boca Juniors

    In honor of the World Cup, one of the places we checked out was the Boca Juniors Stadium and museum. I learned that Boca Juniors has a huge rivalry with River Plate, a team that is also in Argentina. Our tour guide is a fan of River Plate, and joked with us that our cameras […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Caminito

    Translation: Little walkway/alley… that is chock-full of vibrant colors. Showcasing its colorful building in La Boca, there are restaurants, shops, street vendors, and art galleries. A bit of a touristy area. But, a visit nonetheless to plunge yourself into the culture. For instance, I couldn’t say Argentina without thinking about the tango. There were people […]

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Monuments and Statues

    Taking a flashback trip to 2011 when I went to Buenos Aires for a quick weekend. We had to fly to Newark, but then the flight got delayed, so we had to stay the night at the airport hotel and then the following day, then we made it to Buenos Aires. Still got to see […]

    Lima, Peru: City Tour

    The amazing sites and awe of Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu sadly has to come to an end. To wrap up this trip in Peru, we took a plane from Cusco back to Lima… back to “normal” altitude and we went on a city tour. Here is the Palace of Justice (Palacio de Justicia), the […]

    Peru: Wayna Picchu – On Top of the World (almost)

    Day 2 at the Machu Picchu site begins with boarding the bus, which was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel and rode up to the site. Today is a new adventure! We get to hike up Wayna Picchu! =D The tall mountain in the back of the photo – YAY! The walk begins to the […]

    Cusco, Peru: Machu Picchu

    Sunrise has not even happened yet and we are already boarding the buses along with probably 150 other people that would bring us to Ollantaytambo. When we got to this town, we walked down the road to the train station that would bring us to Aguas Calientes. From there, it is a 10 minute bus ride […]

    Cusco, Peru: Up with the Clouds

    During our flight from Lima to Cusco, we reached our cruising altitude and it was pretty cool when we landed in Cusco because its elevation is roughly 11000 feet. By the time we needed to descend into the airport, we really didn’t need to go much lower. We were told we could experience “high altitude […]

    Lima, Peru: Discovering Pachacamac

    This is part of my top 10 most favorite trips in my lifetime. It partly has to do with my dad asking me, “So Kaye, where do you want to go?” That question is like a genie granting you 3 wishes. I wanted to go to Peru – particularly for Machu Picchu. Oh and what […]