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Taipei, Taiwan: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

As I entered through the main gate of this national monument, I felt like an ant walking up to this memorial, because of its grand scale, in honor of one of the influential leaders of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-Shek. The memorial was … [Read more]

Taipei, Taiwan: Lungshan Temple

In continuation with my last post about vendors selling flowers as offerings for the nearby temple, we checked it out. There is no fee, but since Lungshan Temple is popular to locals and tourists alike, be prepared to be surrounded by lots of people … [Read more]

Taipei, Taiwan: Night Street Market

Going to the Night Market during the daytime isn’t ideal, but with the timeframe we had, you do what you have to do sometimes. I missed out on the feel of it. If there’s more time next time I visit, I’ll be sure to make my way back to a night market. … [Read more]

Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei 101 Tower

Our flight arrived in the evening and after a few hours of some restless sleep, Dad and I did a private tour of the city. It was a quick trip to Taipei, Taiwan at the beginning of last September. With our limited time, we went to a few of the main … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazilian BBQ

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I think it’s fantastic when I get to try the foods of the country that it is known for in the country itself. No exception here when we checked out a Brazilian BBQ restaurant! We were seated with our … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Oldest Bar in Santa Teresa

In the area of Santa Teresa in Rio, there is a small bar called Armazem Sao Thiago. It's literally one of those hidden gem places, because without our friend driving us around, we probably wouldn't have found it. It's one of the oldest bars in … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Sugarloaf Mountain

The last stop on the tour was to Sugarloaf Mountain, also known as Pão de Açúcar in Portuguese. The name comes from the way it looks. The loaf is the mountain and the sugar is the clouds surrounding it. This place is known to give panoramic views of … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Carnival

With Halloween being 2 days away, I find it appropriate to do a post on Carnival. Carnival is known world-wide and takes place before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), specifically the Friday until Tuesday. The timing is the same as Mardi Gras … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Christ the Redeemer

You may be familiar with the Christ the Redeemer from images or videos you may have seen… particularly the people who base-jump off the arm of the statue. If not, search it on YouTube. Christ the Redeemer is part of the list of the New 7 Wonders of … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Hottest Spot North of Havana

My name isn’t Lola, and I’m not a showgirl, but we were in the Copacabana at the end of July. It was considered wintertime and cloudy for most of our stay, but we made the best of it even if we missed the masses of people lying on the Copacabana … [Read more]