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North America

  • Panama: Food Brings People Together

    We asked the taxi driver what type of food to eat, and what restaurants he would recommend we would eat at that was near our hotel. Seafood was the answer. If you’re a big fisherman, come to Panama. This place has lots of sports fishing. Though you’ll likely pay a hefty tag when you bring your prized […]

    Panama: The Historic Quarter, Casco Antiguo

    After getting back on the City Sightseeing bus, we stayed on to reach Casco Antiguo, the historic quarter also known as the Old Quarters (Old Town) or San Felipe. The town was set on fire and looted by pirate Henry Morgan. Since then, many buildings have been in the process of restoration since the town […]

    Savannah, GA: Day Self-Guided Tour

    Mister and I spent the week at Hilton Head Island (HHI) with his family. It was pretty special because it had been about 3 years since ALL of the immediate family could make it out – that being parents, six siblings with married counterparts along with little niece and nephews – one big happy family! One of […]

    Owensboro, KY: Redeveloping its Southern Charm

    I was here with family back in October for a wedding. We spent the weekend here. Besides the wedding, we hung out downtown to see what Owensboro had to offer. The town was in the process of a renovation, so the spectacle wasn’t as grandeur as it could have been. For what the weather was, […]

    Glacier Bay National Park

    Cruising through here was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. While we weren’t able to disembark to be “one with nature”. They did have a park ranger on board the ship and every now and then would be on the intercom explaining facts about the national park. They say a picture is worth […]

    Skagway, AK: “Gateway to the Goldrush”

    Skagway was a small town. We docked in the perfect spot and was just a straight-shot walk to town. The main highlight here is the White Pass and Yukon Route, AKA the railroad. While that seemed to be a thing to do, mister and I forwent that and explored the town. We did come across […]

    Juneau, AK: Mendenhall Glacier

    Juneau was the first docking location on the cruise. There were 3 other ships docking with us as well. Instead of purchasing a tour excursion on the ship, we looked up the available tour excursions on the ship and then make-shifted our own. Mister and I were okay doing that on this cruise since we really […]

    Seattle, WA: Foodie Heaven

    For the most part, the statement is true: The best way to win my heart is through my stomach… especially if I’m cranky. Haha. Mister and I definitely dined to our heart and stomach’s content during our stay in Seattle. Looking at different lists of “restaurants to dine at” on the internet, I found correlating […]

    Seattle, WA: Pike Place Market

    We had to hit up another hot spot of Seattle. That brought us to the Pike Place Market, where we ended up spending the better half of the day wandering through the market as well as its surroundings. Getting to the market required going down a steep hill. We saw someone later that morning attempting […]

    Seattle, WA: The Space Needle

    We spent 2 days in Seattle before Mister and I got our Alaskan cruise. Right after getting out from SEA-TAC airport, we found the Link Light Rail that brought us from the airport all the way to downtown Seattle. It’s very simple to navigate since you ride it all the way to the end of the […]

    Sonoma, CA: Celebrations in Wine Country

    We (parents, mister, and me) went to Wine Country for mister’s birthday. It was taking a late flight out on Friday to San Francisco, wake up early and drive to a few vineyards, drove back to SFO, went to the pier, and hopped on a flight back home! This was most definitely a quick trip weekend… if […]

    New York: New Years in New York

    I just have to say I’m fortunate to have family in New York that we can visit during the holidays. I’m also very pleased that Hurricane Sandy left them unharmed as well. While we normally spend the holidays with my relatives here, it was slightly unusual that we had more time to be with them. […]

    Orlando, FL: “Be Our Guest” at the Magic Kingdom

    Of course the last park we went to, and a way to cap off the golden birthday weekend was going to Magic Kingdom. It was seemingly appropriate to do a jumping photo right by Walt Disney and the Cinderella Castle… though, my friends know that Belle is my favorite. Our timing was perfect because a […]

    Orlando, FL: “Are there Any Aminals in Here?”

    Quoting what I think is a perfect headline for today’s post… spelling error included. Kudos to you if you know what movie that’s from =) Here we begin DAY 2. If you’ve been following the past few 3 posts about Disney, all that was in 1 day. And  I think that is pretty awesome on […]

    Orlando, FL: Make-Believe and Mundane Mix

    I’ve always taken a liking to Cirque du Soliel shows because: 1) I love the entertainment factor. There’s always something different in each show I’ve seen. It has been on my bucket list to do what they do. (Sidenote: I checked it off for my birthday this year and took a trapeze lesson, which included […]

    Orlando, FL: Exploring More at Epcot

    While we were at the Food and Wine Festival, we did see some of the characters! There was also a point when it was just way to hot out and we hung out in “America” to watch a group sing showtunes of “America’s Greatest Hits”. You know, America the Beautiful. That list… not top 40 […]

    Orlando, FL: Dining Around the World

    The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot combines 2 of my favorite things: food and fun. Those that dream to fly all around the world to feast on the authentic dishes, you can come to Disney during this festival and you can simply walk all around the world =) It happens every year during the fall […]

    Orlando, FL: Hooray for Hollywood Studios

    There are perks to traveling, and then it’s an additional perk if you know someone who lives where you are traveling to. Added bonus points that this next place mister and I went to was Orlando, FL for Disney World =D It was earlier in the year when my friend who is a Cast Member […]

    Maui, HI: Happy Valley

    I spent 1.5 days in Maui earlier this May. We had a layover in San Francisco for a few hours, so we got a little tour of the United Maintenance Base courtesy of my dad’s former coworker. This was really neat especially seeing all the different parts of the plane right in the backyard of […]