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About Kaye


I’m an introvert who is a big fan of traveling. I enjoy exploring new sites as much as I like being back at the old stomping grounds. Most of the time, you can find me sitting down and eating in a restaurant or likely drooling outside of one. I’m adventurous in that I’ll try almost anything once.

The more I travel, the better I understand and have an appreciation and insight for a different culture. For that, I will always be grateful. These experiences have shaped my outlook on life and who I have and will become.

The thought clicked that a lot of my friends would be thrilled to be able to travel as much as I do, which is why I decided to broadcast this for the entire world. While this was created with the intention to keep others updated on what has happened in my traveling life, it will eventually be used in other ways.

With that being said, if you do have a chance to travel, do it. And thanks for spending a day with Kaye (me!)