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Beijing, China: Roasted Duck

I had ill timing in putting up this post, which would have gone well with the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyway, according to the locals, this restaurant was the place to go for roasted duck. Well, if what the locals say is true, then it has to be good! peking_duck_restaurant_exterior_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

The restaurant (apologies, I don’t recall the name) was huge; there were 5 floors. The floor we were on was called the Xin Xin Hall. It translates to “fragrance spreads far”; the Chinese character also means wealth and prosperity. After eating as much food as we did that evening, I was glad the elevators were there =)


The language barrier definitely was an issue. Thankfully, they had an English menu for us to peruse. Even then, the point and nod method seemed to work for us. For the appetizer, we had ordered: “pancake” filled with duck meat, plum sauce and green onion. You assemble it at the table. It had the combination of the salty and sweet, which in my opinion, was delicious for my taste buds.

duck_pancake_preparation_beijing_china_day_with_kaye duck_pancake_preparation_step_two_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

We also ordered shark fin soup, which had small shreds of duck meat in it. I was uncertain of what the taste would be like, but it was very broth-y and warm, not scalding, on the tongue. I would classify this under good, home cooking, as you would with your mom’s homemade favorite soup.


For the main entrée, they had table side service to slice up the duck, similar to Lawry’s Steakhouse, where they cut up the meat table side. That was then eaten with rice and plum sauce. Tea was served as well.


Aside from the language barrier, the food was delectable, and was glad to have tried that preparation of duck in its origin city! I would suggest you have an open mind and try it if you haven’t yet. There were other items on the menu too if other members of your party don’t stretch his or her taste buds.

As always, happy travels friends!

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