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Beijing, China: Summer Palace

The construction began in 1750 by the emperor of the Qing dynasty with its main intention to be a garden and park. However, it ended up becoming the place of royal residence.


It has now turned into one of the main tourist attraction sites in Beijing. We only had part of the day to spend here, so we didn’t have a chance to check out everything the Summer Palace had to offer, but we did catch a few sights to share.

bridge_summer_palace_beijing_china_day_with_kaye bridges_summer_palace_beijing_china_day_with_kaye
This marble boat was built during the Qing dynasty by the emperor to show the steady rule during that time. Since then, it has been rebuilt and shows more of a western influence, and is the only structure in the Summer Palace that indicates that type of influence.

We took off by the marble boat on a dragon boat, the way of transportation to get to the other side of the park.

dragon_boat_beijing_china_day_with_kaye dragon_boat_interior_summer_palace_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

The Long Gallery is a covered pavilion. Along the way are many paintings above that depict old legends and stories.


The Seventeen-Arch Bridge was built by the same emperor who created the marble boat. I thought this bridge was really neat because it has over 500 carved lions, of different sizes, on the columns of bridge.

column_lion_seventeen_arch_bridge_beijing_china_day_with_kaye lion_column_seventeen_arch_bridge_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

From the central arch to either end are 9 arches. The number 9 is very symbolic. It is believed to have the “biggest yang” in Chinese culture, and therefore was considered to be a favorable number.



This only scratches the surface of what else is in the Summer Palace park. It was a really pretty and ornate place. I’d say my favorite is still the 17 arch bridge. That was pretty astounding to me and it showcases the precise architecture, and skill set. Everything about it is symbolic.

Happy travels friends.

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