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Beijing, China: The Great Wall

The Great Wall section that we walked on was called Mutianyu, considered to be one of the best-well-kept portion of the Great wall. This section was used as a barrier to protect and defend the capital and the royal tombs. The initial construction of Mutianyu began in the 6th century (Northern Qi Dynasty). Then it was added on to during the Ming Dynasty (14-17th century).



This section is considered to be the longest section of the Great wall that is fully restored and open to the public. There were different ways to get up to the wall. We opted to take the chairlift/gondola up to the wall versus walking up.

mutianyu_chair_lift_gondola_great_wall_beijing_china_day_with_kaye mutianyu_gondola_chair_lift_great_wall_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

This section has many watchtowers (I think 20?), and because of where it is situated, the scenery looking out from the wall is beautiful.

mutianyu_watch_tower_beijing_china_day_with_kaye mutianyu_watch_tower_view_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

I was here in July, 2010. While this trip is now 5 years ago, this was the beginning of my “travel spree”, and found it appropriate to include it with Day With Kaye.

Going during the summer time, you can feel the sun beat on you. Be sure to keep hydrated if you find yourself here during this time of the year. Unfortunately, we did have some smog come our way, and that did block the view of the seeing the wall in the distance. We made the best of it.


Getting down from the wall was certainly entertaining. We could have gone back down using the chairlift/gondola. But, we rode down on a toboggan on a single track. It’s quite simple being a single lever to operate. Push it downward to go faster; pull it toward you to slow down and/or/break. Unfortunately I went down after my mom, who was terrified, so I didn’t get the speeded up ride I thought I was going to have.

mutianyu_toboggan_instructions_beijing_china_day_with_kaye mutianyu_toboggan_decend_beijing_china_day_with_kaye

I spliced up my video I took while coming down on the toboggan run, and this shows the last 45 seconds of the ride. It was really fun. And please excuse the shoes, but at least you have a visual of the track =)

Still a neat experience! Happy travels friends!