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Archives for May 2015

Taipei, Taiwan: Food Adventures

As with many of these mystery trips, food is something I’m on the lookout for to try some local dishes, away from the tourist traps and the familiar food chains. Indulging in the local flavor always makes my list. My apologies for the lack of images. For our timeframe, we only had time for, 3 official meals? I should have grabbed photos from dad’s camera, but, these will do for now. Breakfast (at the hotel) was buffet style, consisting of some more familiar breakfast items like fruits. Even then, they had dragon fruit and lychees. Also available were rice, fish, dumplings, and other hot foods. Soup was also available along with congee. A vast selection to satisfy my hunger. taipei_taiwan_food_breakfast_day_with_kaye One of the lunch spots was a neat find. There was a wait to get a seat at the restaurant, but while waiting they would hand you the menu and then take your order. So by the time a seat opened up for you, the food would come out as well. Another note too, was the communal tables. I found these to be more common outside the states. We shared our table with 2 other groups of people, and that was all fine and well, and normal. Personal space didn’t seem to be an issue at all. taipei_taiwan_food_lunch_menu_day_with_kaye Among the foods were dumplings, noodles and beef pancake. It was some good stuff. Hope to snag some more photos for your eyes to do some feasting. Until then, happy travels friends.