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Archives for February 2015

Taipei, Taiwan: Night Street Market

Going to the Night Market during the daytime isn’t ideal, but with the timeframe we had, you do what you have to do sometimes. I missed out on the feel of it. If there’s more time next time I visit, I’ll be sure to make my way back to a night market. The one in particular we walked through was Hua Xi Street Night Market. night_street_market_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye

This is where the small alleyway/side-streets come alive with vendors selling their wares, goods and food. There are many of them throughout Taiwan, so I’m sure they differ in types of location and the types of vendors. Some may be selling more crafts and handiwork, while others may have more goods and services (ex. massages). night_street_market_hua_xi_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye

It wasn’t a true ghost town, so what I did get to see though while walking through was a few vendors prepping for the market – people cutting up fruits and vegetables, and people beginning to set up their shops and kiosks. It was mostly delivery guys on scooters delivering items to the vendors. Because we were in an alley-way type setting, you knew when they were coming through. It echoed through the entire street.

night_street_market_vendor_vegetables_food_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye night_street_market_hua_xi_vendor_food_preparation_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye

Because this night market was close to a temple, which is where we ended up walking towards, there were more vendors selling flowers to give as offerings at the temple. More in detail on that in the next post.


Happy travels friends!