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Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei 101 Tower

Our flight arrived in the evening and after a few hours of some restless sleep, Dad and I did a private tour of the city. It was a quick trip to Taipei, Taiwan at the beginning of last September. With our limited time, we went to a few of the main sites of Taiwan starting off at Taipei 101, which used to be known as the Taipei World Financial Center.
taipei_101_tower_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye taipei_101_tower_damper_baby_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye
To get to the observatory tower, you pass through this galleria following the signs to the ticket counter. Then, you follow the signs and lines to the elevator that takes you up to observatory level. It held the title of being the tallest building in the world from 2004-2009. It has been beat by the Burj Kalifa in Dubai, which now currently holds the title. You can see an image of the Burj Kalifa in my previous post HERE. Another merit Taipei 101 has achieved was being the World’s Tallest Green Building (508 meters / 1667 feet). As for the elevator that brings you to the observatory, it takes only 37 seconds to ride from the 5th floor to the 89th floor. Quick trip.


There were certain areas of the city that stood out to me. Towards the east was this setup of a temple and a building that looked similar to the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, one of the 2008 Olympic Stadiums.


Towards the South then was the nice change of scenery with the South Mountains showcasing mountain trails if you zoom in.


What I think makes this building so interesting is how a building of this magnitude is able to stand tall in a location that finds itself “used to” earthquake tremors. The utilization of the damper helps in a huge way. It hangs from the 87th-92nd floor of the tower. It sways to center the building in the case of high winds (especially from the height), and from tremors.


They have video footage of when there was an earthquake in Taiwan and there was a lot of movement from the damper. There was little to no movement when we were there (thank goodness – we would be have been in trouble). Because of this tool, the symbol/mascot of the 101 is a damper baby.

taipei_101_damper_baby_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye The shape of the building is pretty neat. It replicates the look of bamboo. For New Years, people are able to stand on the outdoor observatory deck, and fireworks are shot off the corners of the bamboo on the upper floors. taipei_101_tower_bamboo_facade_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye After taking in the views of the city, we made our way back to the elevators by passing through a jade and coral exhibit. There were beautiful pieces on display. taipei_101_tower_jade_exhibit_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye taipei_101_tower_coral_exhibit_taipei_taiwan_day_with_kaye   On to the next adventure in Taiwan. Happy travels friends!