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Archives for December 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazilian BBQ

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I think it’s fantastic when I get to try the foods of the country that it is known for in the country itself. No exception here when we checked out a Brazilian BBQ restaurant!


We were seated with our tour group at one long table. The restaurant itself wasn’t a huge space, but we were cozy with ample space to make it to the salad bar…


… and for the people carrying the different meats on swords to pass through. There was A LOT of meat! Mind the swords and skewers =)

carretao_churrascaria_bbq_lunch_meat_rio_de_janeiro_brazil carretao_churrascaria_lunch_bbq_meat_rio_de_janeiro_brazil

So mister and I have this term “happy full”. It’s used to describe how you feel after eating a meal. If you eat the perfect amount to the point of being full without over stuffing yourself, we say “happy full”. We were waay past that point after totally gorging ourselves here =/. It was slightly regretful and yet amazingly delicious! Total gluttons at the worst.

carretao_churrascaria_bbq_lunch_happy_full_rio_de_janeiro_brazil carretao_churrascaria_bbq_lunch_happy_rio_de_janeiro_brazil

Towards the end of the lunch meal/marathon extravaganza, they came around to our table carrying this gigantic jug (if you consider it that) of cachaca. a spirit made from sugarcane juice, and also an ingredient used in the national drink, the caipirinha.


We did not part take, however, I did enjoy the fact that it was in such a large jug. The people of Brazil sure know how to eat and have a great time! Happy travels friends!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Oldest Bar in Santa Teresa

In the area of Santa Teresa in Rio, there is a small bar called Armazem Sao Thiago. It’s literally one of those hidden gem places, because without our friend driving us around, we probably wouldn’t have found it.


It’s one of the oldest bars in Rio, being founded in 1919. And the interior of this bar gives it that vibe and feel.

armazem_bar_inside_santa_teresa_brazil_day_with_kaye armazem_bar_interior_santa_teresa_brazil_day_with_kaye


Our drinks of choice for the evening were the local beer, Brahma, and the national drink, the caipirinha.



The highlight was meeting the owner of the bar, and he has a large pen collection, some of which he clips onto his apron. Dad gave him a new pen to add to it.



This bar was where I heard the most engligh, or other languages other than portuguese. I don’t have anything to say about the food since all we ordered was drinks. But, it was pretty laid back and no one was in a rush, which I enjoyed. So, if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, this bar would be it! Happy travels friends.