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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Sugarloaf Mountain

The last stop on the tour was to Sugarloaf Mountain, also known as Pão de Açúcar in Portuguese. The name comes from the way it looks. The loaf is the mountain and the sugar is the clouds surrounding it. This place is known to give panoramic views of the city… when it’s not cloudy out. Unfortunately for us, we had clouds when we first went up, so it wasn’t too exciting. So, if you go here, make sure it’s a clear day!


What makes this site different is the mode of transportation – using cable cars. To get to the summit of the mountain, you need to take 2 separate cable cars. The first car brings you to Morro da Urca, the halfway point (so-to-speak). Then the second car brings you up to Sugarloaf.


We came back on a sunny day, and wow, what a difference that made. The picture above and below are of Sugarloaf mountain – cloudy and clear skies.


As I mentioned, Sugarloaf is known for its panoramic views of the city, and you do get a great view from up here. It is hard to see from this panorama photo below, but across the way is the Christ the Redeemer statue located on the mountain in the middle of the image below.




This is the view of Copacabana beach.copacabana_pao_de_acucar_sugarloaf_mountain_rio_de_janeiro_brazil_day_with_kaye.JPG


You can rock climb up if you’re feeling adventurous. So much work and effort goes into it. You can see in the panorama view of the city (2 images up) of a guy sitting on a rock near the middle of the picture. We talked to another pair (pictured below) that climbed up and then took the cable car down with us. They said it took them most of the morning to climb up Sugarloaf. That’s pretty incredible.


Part of admiring the view included taking in the local animals. Even though there were “Do not feed animals” signs posted, there were still people feeding them their snacks. There was a girl that was eating an ice cream in one hand and then feeding with the other. The monkeys seemed to enjoy that. I hope she washed her hands after that!

animals_bird_pao_de_acucar_sugarloaf_mountain_rio_de_janeiro_brazil_day_with_kaye.JPG  animals_monkey_pao_de_acucar_sugarloaf_mountain_rio_de_janeiro_brazil_day_with_kaye.JPG

As always, to commemorate the visit for Day With Kaye, a jumping photo. Mister joined in too! Happy travels friends!