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Archives for May 2014

Hong Kong: Dim Sum

What I like about visiting different countries is seeing tasting real cuisine. Their cuisine sometimes changes to appeal to the American palette – whether it be ingredients, presentation, and/or flavor.

Even if I do travel out of country, I do like going for, what I consider, the “signature/staple dishes” based upon what I know for it to be. In this instance, we looked for a dim sum place to eat. And then, if there’s time, we scope out maybe 1 or 2 places where the locals dine.


In Hong Kong, we really only had 1 meal, dim sum. Because of the language barrier, there was a lot of point, nodding, use of key words, and sometimes the server had to get someone else who understood English a bit more.

This is when I really feel put in place as a tourist. There’s just so much culture and diversity out there, and to only absorb ourselves in our everyday… I just feel there’s so much to explore.

Some of these dishes came out to what I thought it was, and others, I was surprised by its presentation and flavor.

Here is a basket of vegetable & shrimp dumplings:


This was some sort a deep-fried shrimp in crispy bean curd sheet. Think crispy egg roll. (note the texture – different than any type of deep-fried item I’ve ever seen)

dim_sum_deep_fried_shrimp_roll_hong_kong_day_with_kayeThis is a sweet-sticky rice with bean on top. The flavor was very different, and definitely not something I eat on a normal basis.


Other dishes that filled our empty bellies were dumpling ramen in soup, shrimp wonton in soup, and ample orders of pork dumpling in spicy sauce. Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. Expand your taste bud horizons =)

Happy travels friends!

Hong Kong: Shopping Time

Our last stop on the tour was to the Stanley Market, which I thought to be the perfect place for scooping up souvenirs, especially since you could haggle with the vendors (apparently a hidden forte of mine… I probably got that talent from my mother).

Before entering the maze of shoppers and vendors, keep in mind, if shopping isn’t your thing, there are other sites here such as checking out a maritime museum, or maybe seeing some temples or statues.


And so it begins. Among the many different items being sold at Stanley Market were: clothing, accessories, electronics, home decor, and of course, touristy items (postcards, keychains, etc.).

stanley_market_hong_kong_day_with_kaye stanley_market_shoes_hong_kong_day_with_kaye stanley_market_flowers_hong_kong_day_with_kaye

When one gets tired of shopping, there’s a street full of restaurants, so you can sit, relax and enjoy the view of the waterfront. Or you can just walk up and back down the street. Either way, not too shabby to end your day this way.

stanley_market_restaurants_hong_kong_day_with_kaye stanley_market_waterfront_hong_kong_day_with_kaye stanley_market_waterfront_view_hong_kong_day_with_kaye

Of course, for those who are more into street food, that’s available too.


Happy travels friends!

Hong Kong: Life on the Water

Part 2 was going on a boat ride to see Hong Kong from a marine perspective. After all, Hong Kong translates to “fragrant harbor”. So we went on a sampan ride.


You may be familiar in seeing these lanterns before. There were these paper lanterns all around Hong Kong, outside of homes and shops. Aside from it being Chinese New Year when we had visited, we were told that the colors (red and yellow [gold]) signify a long and prosperous life.


This building here has an intended gap in the middle. This has to do with feng shui. In essence, the way that building was built needed the hole in order to follow feng shui because of where it was located.


The main landmark while on the water was the Jumbo Kingdom, an ornate floating restaurant.

sampan_ride_jumbo_kingdom_hong_kong_day_with_kaye sampan_ride_jumbo_kingdom_restaurant_hong_kong_day_with_kaye

The other boats that were docked in that marina ranged from the working class to high class.

sampan_ride_boats_hong_kong_day_with_kaye sampan_ride_boats_dock_hong_kong_day_with_kaye

There were even some house boats that the boat guide pointed out to us.


Fresh fish anyone?


Happy travels friends.