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Archives for April 2014

Hong Kong: Victoria Harbor

We did a hop over to Hong Kong after Singapore and spent a day touring before heading back home.

I had been to Hong Kong before… when I was 6. So, taking a city tour with the mister was on the agenda. At least we had a jump start with the airline serving us breakfast so we were able to hit the ground running when we landed.


The first stop on the tour was Victoria Harbor. Our guide explained to us the translation of Hong Kong to “harbor”. It only seemed fitting to check out Victoria Harbor.

Its location was fitting to become a trading center and to establish itself as a British colony. It was slightly hazy when we were at the observation area, but some buildings down below include the convention and exhibition center, main banks and plazas.


This building is the International Finance Center, the tallest in Hong Kong. Aside from boasting of it being an office building, theater and mall, it may stand out if you are a Batman fan. This was a filming location in The Dark Knight.


Here’s the scene from the movie courtesy of YouTube:

The observation deck was very scenic. Our guide gave us time to wander around the premise. Of course there was the usual set of people with kiosks trying to sell souvenirs and other goodies.

victoria_harbor_observation_deck_souvenirs_art_hong_kong_day_with_kaye victoria_harbor_observation_deck_hong_kong_day_with_kaye

Tour continues onward. Happy travels friends!

Singapore: Food Fare

My last post on Singapore was about the “hoity toity” food experience at the Raffles Hotel. This post will be more on the food finds we got to chomp down on through the city.

There is a mix of cultures in Singapore, so there is a lot of local fare available, Thai, Indian, etc. First up, this place we went to was near the hotel we were staying at. Not necessarily a hole in the wall place, but it fulfilled our stomach cravings.

food_menu_singapore_day_with_kaye food_menu_fish_singapore_day_with_kaye

Mister had a coconut curry noodle dish, with a side of katsu and salad. food_coconut_curry_singapore_day_with_kaye food_katsu_salad_singapore_day_with_kaye

I had salmon teriakyi plate. That came with katsu, fruit, miso soup, and rice (of course it’s a staple in Singapore!)


That katsu was really crispy! Therefore, it was delicious 😉


We were walking around India town (which isn’t very big) and they had a lot of produce for sale in their stands.

food_india_town_produce_singapore_day_with_kaye food_vegetables_singapore_day_with_kaye

They also had their flowers as well. It was fragrant and beautiful. Some were already strung up and ready to sell. I was able to watch someone put all of it together. What I got out of it is that it certainly requires patience.

food_india_town_flowers_singapore_day_with_kaye india_town_flowers_singapore_day_with_kaye

We met up with family in Singapore and opted for Thai food at the Suntec Mall. and wandered the mall after. This was just before we went to the Fountain of Wealth – (Click to read that article I wrote a few weeks back). We passed by a few dessert counters before settling on a strawberry and lychee shaved ice.

food_dessert_hello_kitty_cake_singapore_day_with_kaye food_dessert_strawberry_shaved_ice_singapore_day_with_kaye

Our second day of food adventures was mostly at the tea time at Raffles Hotel. So our only meal aside from that was from a restaurant that was also doubled as a cooking school. So I’m guessing students were the ones making these dishes.


I just can’t get enough of katsu. I wish there was a way to make it more readily available around where I live.


Happy travels friends!

Singapore: Tea Time at Raffles Hotel

Well aren’t we getting a little fancy schmancy. Raffles Hotel is named after Stamford Raffles, the founder of the modern day Singapore. It has been around since 1900, with renovations as time went on.

The lobby area used to be opened to the public, but as a high-traffic tourist destination, it has since been closed off and left to hotel guests only. From the “outside”, it sure is a beautiful hotel.

raffles_hotel_singapore_day_with_kaye raffles_hotel_entrance_singapore_day_with_kaye

Because it is such an iconic hotel, slightly known also because a bartender concocted a signature drink – The Singapore Sling, we were able to get into the hotel for tea time. It was really neat… for someone who really hasn’t participated it an “official tea time”.


The decorations complimented the elegance of the hotel.

raffles_hotel_flower_arrangement_singapore_day_with_kaye raffles_hotel_champagne_bottles_decoration_singapore_day_with_kaye

Aside from the tier stand of treats, there was also a buffet as well with hot food and other sweet treats. Lovely selection. It’s cool to see that there’s something like this in the middle of the constant humidity wave in Singapore. We were serenaded by a harp player as well.

raffles_hotel_tea_time_desserts_singapore_day_with_kaye raffles_hotel_desserts_petitfours_singapore_day_with_kaye

This is the Singapore Sling. It’s a combination of gin, brandy, lemon/lime juice and club soda, among other other goodies. It really tastes like fruit punch, with an alcohol kick to it.


Overall, this was a different experience from what I’m used to when it comes to traveling because I’m usually looking for the local hole in the wall places. But, in an iconic hotel in Singapore, it was worth a visit with extra bonus points for being able to come during tea time =)


Happy travels friends!