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Archives for March 2014

Singapore: Pewter Creations


We got to go through and see a demonstration of how they make creations out of pewter. pewter_singapore_day_with_kaye pewter_shavings_singapore_day_with_kaye After the pewter is melted, it is cast in a mold and then left to cool. The next step then is polishing the item. “Each product is polished by hand using a steel blade, fine-grade sandpaper or against a buffing wheel.” pewter_polishing_singapore_day_with_kaye They were making money trees which are pretty cool because in the past (Chinese custom), the coins would be broken off and then used as currency.

 pewter_money_tree_singapore_day_with_kaye pewter_money_singapore_day_with_kayeOn certain products, like cups and tableware, they use a technique called hammering, “a traditional form of decoration still in use today.” This technique does require a steady hand and a good eye for the design to be even all the way through the item.

pewter_hammering_singapore_day_with_kaye Here are some finished products. Neat-o: pewter_goblets_singapore_day_with_kaye pewter_cinderella_singapore_day_with_kaye pewter_chess_pieces_singapore_day_with_kaye


Happy travels friends!

Singapore: City Sights & A Rubber Ducky Race

When you do get outside to see the sights and bear the heat and humidity, you can see that Singapore is a mix of old and new. Case in point, one of the main buildings you see is this – the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. On the lower left the Art Science Museum.


The fountain statue to the right of me jumping is called “Merlion”. It features a lion’s head and a mermaid’s body, and is the mascot of Singapore. And a fun fact is that the country name, Singapore, comes from “Singapora”, which means lion city. So if you put 2 and 2 together, you have this statue fountain.


As we traveled through the town, we got to check out this Buddhist temple, which was really cool, and really ornate.


buddhist_temple_offering_singapore_day_with_kaye  buddhist_temple_ornate_singapore_day_with_kaye

We took a boat tour through the city, and it was neat to see the cityscapes by water. It gives a different perspective.


Here we have the Singapore skyline.


The Fullerton Hotel is a  luxurious 5 star hotel in downtown Singapore.


Here are some views when we were walking along the river.

river_walk_singapore_day_with_kaye river_walk_sculpture_singapore_day_with_kaye

This is the winning rubber ducky in the duck race in Singapore. The plaque reads that: This duck was the first to cross the finishing line at the Singapore Million Dollar Duck Race 2002. Over 120,000 of these toy ducks were floated down the Singapore River from Read Bridge to Boat Quay as part of a drive to raise money for charity.

Here is a link to a BBC article that covered the race: click here.


Enjoy the sights and happy travels friends!

Singapore: Fountain of Wealth

After eating dinner with family, they brought us to the Fountain of Wealth, which is located in one of the largest malls in Singapore – Suntec City.

There’s a lot of feng shui elements about the fountain. For example, the water symbolizes wealth, and the way it is flowing (inward), it shows that Suntec always has riches pouring in. The fountain of wealth currently holds a Guinness Book of World Record for being the largest fountain in the world representing “unity in spirit and harmony among the various races in Singapore.”

The design structure is based upon the Hindu mandala, which represents the universe. That intertwines with the fountain itself which (from up above) represents unity in spirit and harmony.


The purpose of the fountain is to bring prosperity and luck if you follow the directions, which are posted in front of the fountain.

  1. Extend your right hand into the fountain
  2. Make a silent wish
  3. Walk clockwise around the fountain 3 times


Feeling lucky?


Happy travels friends!