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Seattle, WA: The Space Needle

We spent 2 days in Seattle before Mister and I got our Alaskan cruise. Right after getting out from SEA-TAC airport, we found the Link Light Rail that brought us from the airport all the way to downtown Seattle. It’s very simple to navigate since you ride it all the way to the end of the line. Once we reached downtown Seattle, we just walked 4 blocks to our hotel.


Here is a link to the schedule of the weekday times. It does take time, but it takes about the same amount of time for less than 1/2 the cost of a taxi ride to get downtown. This was a good find for us. And again, it is super simple even if you are directionally challenged =)


link_light_rail_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye link_light_rail_airport_to_city_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye

It was kind of cool that our hotel accommodations (Warwick Seattle Hotel) gave us a view of the Space Needle. Well, I would say it is more of a partial view, since you have to side step to the left a bit from the window to get a view of it. Nevertheless, you know that you’re in Seattle when you see it during the day or at night!

 space_needle_day_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_night_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye

With a view of the Space Needle, why not visit it! Off we went. It wasn’t too far off. But, with the cool and crisp fall weather, it was perfect walking weather with Starbucks coffee in hand… only to make being in Seattle official ^_-

 coffee_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_visitor_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye

The way we were able to go up the Needle was according to time. We got our tickets quickly, but we had to wait until 4:30 before we and other people could enter. I think this is their way to being able to filter the amount of people through to the elevator and the amount of people that are up there.

There was also the Chihuly Garden and Glass, which we didn’t wander through. But we were curious and did peek over the wall… or the pieces did ^_^ It looked really cool and intriguing.


We also had some free entertainment from this busker that was sitting in front of the garden, which had some pretty flowers growing and blooming.

space_needle_busker_garden_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_garden_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye

Finally, we were able to go up the elevator to the observation deck! I believe it was created initially for the World’s Fair. It has become an iconic building in the Pacific Northwest. We got a 360 degree view of the different areas of the city, the pier and the water. It was slightly cloudy out, so we couldn’t see the mountains (Mt. Rainier). We even witnessed someone getting engaged. That was adorable.

space_needle_south_view_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_west_view_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_north_view_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye space_needle_view_seattle_washington_day_with_kaye

Fun views from the top of the Space Needle! There is also a restaurant called SkyCity located in the Space Needle, which is lower than the observation deck. Click those links for more information.

While we could have easily taken a tour, we found it more enjoyable to check out those tours, and then check out the most interesting spots. This was just one of those places to go to… kind of like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

More sights and touring the Seattle area in the next coming weeks! Happy travels friends.