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Orlando, FL: “Are there Any Aminals in Here?”

Quoting what I think is a perfect headline for today’s post… spelling error included. Kudos to you if you know what movie that’s from =)

Here we begin DAY 2. If you’ve been following the past few 3 posts about Disney, all that was in 1 day. And  I think that is pretty awesome on our part. Need to catch up? Here are links to my past posts about Disney:

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La Nouba: Where the Make-Believe and Mundane Meet

Mister and I ordered room service for breakfast and ate it on the balcony so we could watch the animals roam around. Then we met up with our friend and hopped on the bus that would bring us to Animal Kingdom! I guess everyone else had the same plan as us to get there early to avoid the crowd. Yeah, that idea doesn’t work too well especially on a Saturday.


Our first ride we went on was the Harambe Wildlife Reserve and waiting in line was, in fact, educational. The beams above had the english and the swahili word for some of the wildlife. Here’s our sweet ride as we went on the safari to see the animals.


We actually saw quite a few animals, which was great! These 2 were pretty cool particularly because I had no zoom on the camera. It’s as if you could reach out and touch the giraffe and ostrich. But, they frown upon that; this ride isn’t a petting zoo.

giraffe_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye  ostrich_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye.jpg

I’ve always been mesmerized by hippos and elephants. Here’s a fun fact: the elephant is a male because they separate from the group. Female elephants usually hang out in a group.

hippo_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye.jpg elephant_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye.jpg

We spotted Pumbaa and Nala!

warthog_pumbaa_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye.jpg lion_lioness_nala_lion_king_animal_kingdom_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye.jpg

There were other animals like alligators, antelope, and rhinos to name a few. Pretty fun!

When we got off that ride, we walked over to the Dinosaur ride. *cue Jurassic Park Theme* It was more thrilling than sitting in the jeep of the safari ride since the car jerks all over the place through the ride as you pass different dinosaurs. As you can see by our facial expressions, I’m in the middle of being a “woo-girl” AND we’re the only festive ones with our Mickey hats!

We upped the thrill factor just a little bit more and we went on Expedition Everest, the rollercoaster ride!! My friend clearly knows where the camera is on each ride we’ve been on.

expedition_everest_ride_animal_kingdom_orlando_disney_day_with_kaye expedition_everest_ride_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye

We took a break from the heat and the rides to have lunch before watching the “Festival of the Lion King” show. It was more of them tipping their hat to Lion King as opposed to them doing the storyline.

Very lively and energetic throughout. There’s a wide range of acts as you can see from these videos:


That ends our stay at Animal Kingdom. It was early afternoon and time to head over to Magic Kingdom; the perfect park to end our Disney vacay … but that’s for next week!

Happy travels friends!

Orlando, FL: Make-Believe and Mundane Mix

I’ve always taken a liking to Cirque du Soliel shows because:

1) I love the entertainment factor. There’s always something different in each show I’ve seen. It has been on my bucket list to do what they do. (Sidenote: I checked it off for my birthday this year and took a trapeze lesson, which included acrobatics and trampoline – it was thrilling!)

2) The magic and ‘epic-ness’ of each show is quite exhilarating.

3) I am I was a gymnast. That really says enough about my interests with Cirque du Soleil.

My friend who had done an internship with Disney a few years back joked with me that he was going to watch La Nouba when he was down there to say that he has seen a Cirque show that I haven’t yet. Buttt, that didn’t happen. What a better way to go see his first Cirque  show with an avid fan =)


Since 1998, the show has its home and stage here in Downtown Disney, just like the ones in Las Vegas (Mystere, KA, and O to name a few – yes I’ve seen these) It doesn’t pick up and travel to other cities as some of the other shows do (like  Kooza, Ovo, and Zarkana). You’re going to have to come down to Florida to see this show. The exterior looks like a tent, which tugs at the heartstrings of the little kid within us, seeing it be reminiscent of an actual circus tent (minus the crazy color stripes).


We came early enough to not have to wait in line to get our tickets, which was good. That way, we were able to roam about the area a little bit and be smothered in all things Cirque, something I did not mind at all =)

Every Cirque du Soleil show has a theme. This one was showing how the 2 worlds of reality and imagination entertwined. You could see which performers were part of which world by the outfits they were wearing. Bright colors = imaginary. Dark colors = reality. More details about the show can be found here: CLICK ME

 la_nouba_poster_orlando_day_with_kaye la_nouba_posters_orlando_day_with_kaye

I was super stoked that the director of La Nouba was Franco Dragone. He was also the creator of Le Reve in Las Vegas (among other Cirque du Soliel shows), though that one technically is not offically a Cirque du Soliel show. But, mister and I have Le Reve in our list of our top 5 favorite Cirque shows. I knew this show was going to be amazing because of that. And here we are eagerly awaiting the show to begin!

Of all the Cirque du Soleil shows I’ve gone to, I’ve come to a conclusion that there really is no bad seat to watch the show since it’s setup like a Shakespearean theater, which I think is very cool.

Note the clowns carrying the boxes. Cirque du Soliel shows usually have some type of entertainment, usually clowns, that goof off with the audience about 10 minutes before the actual show begins.


While video and photography are prohibited during the performance, I can tell you it was absolutely AMAZING! My palms were sweaty for the performers themselves during certain acts. I laughed during the clowns performances. I jawdropped during other parts of the show. There’s a lot that goes on.

Say there’s the tightrope act happening. There are other performers onstage doing something. Your eye doesn’t get entirely locked in to one thing. The show emulates the meaning of the show ‘live it up’ as you dive into your imagination.

Give into your curiosity. Check out the offical Cirque du Soliel La Nouba website here: CLICK ME

Happy travels. Thanks for spending a day with Kaye!

Orlando, FL: Exploring More at Epcot

While we were at the Food and Wine Festival, we did see some of the characters!




There was also a point when it was just way to hot out and we hung out in “America” to watch a group sing showtunes of “America’s Greatest Hits”. You know, America the Beautiful. That list… not top 40 =P


It was here where mister and I had our Magical Moment… a call from Mickey and Minnie! How sweet. And we received a little certificate too to remember the occasion.

We continued our time at Epcot by going on the rides. We took it easy at first since we just ate A LOT of food. First up, we took a journey into imagination! And no, you can’t get away from the lines. It was moving pretty fast though.


After that ride, we saw the 3D show of Captain EO. It replaced Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Womp womp. But, Michael Jackson in 3D? That’s something else 😉


The Finding Nemo ride is also a calm ride. Seeing Nemo and his friends in the aquarium with other fishies is pretty cool. Also, it’s kind of dangerous. You get on a moving walkway to get into your shell. They have warning signs about watching your step, and the attendant there also mentions the same thing. I don’t know what happened, but mister tripped. My friend and I thought he was faking it, so we laughed at him only to realize he wasn’t… which only made us laugh harder. So, my note to you – BE CAREFUL!!

nemo_epcot_rides_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye nemo_ride_epcot_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye nemo_epcot_ride_disney_orlando_day_with_kaye

After going on The Seas with Nemo and Friends, the exit point is an aquarium where you can hang out and see the fish, dolphins and manatees. We hung out with the manatees for a while.

Here they are fighting for the same lettuce head >_<


Also, we found a hidden mickey… which is actually “common” throughout the park if you look for it! Do you see it?


We moved along to the aquarium where we found a fair amount of people scuba diving. Apparently for a fee, you can swim with the sea life. The cost? Probably more than I would want to pay for it. I’ll just jump into the ocean =D


Our last stop at Epcot was going on The Land. It’s another easy ride about the land, cultivation and such. Shocking right? (sarcasm) And you get to learn some pretty cool stuff too. I dig it.

the_land_ride_disney_epcot_orlando_day_with_kaye the_land_ride_gators_disney_epcot_orlando_day_with_kaye the_land_ride_plants_disney_epcot_orlando_day_with_kaye

Just to give you perspective again. Here’s just a small portion of the amount of children at the park. The need to have stroller parking explains it pretty well. This is just this area alone!


We headed back to the hotel after this ride to prep for our evening adventures, which you’ll have to check back next week to see what we did! Happy travels friends!