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Stockholm, Sweden: Savory Goodness

I went on my last mystery destination in the middle of May. Mystery trips were created by my dad the year I graduated from college. He would tell us how many days to pack for and the rough estimate of the temperature. We wouldn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport.

We flew to Newark and had a lot of down time before the big reveal…



It was an overnight flight with the time change and when I woke up and the cabin was in preparation for landing, this was the first views of Sweden.



That theme was mimicked throughout Sweden. All the plants, and trees were seen through the city. It was something different and I appreciated that.

Since mister’s family part takes in Swedish culture, I was familiar with the meatballs and lingonberries, which was my meal during dinner time.


We also ordered toast skagen. I probably would have enjoyed it more if there wasn’t as much sauce. Luckily, I had a much better experience when I tried it again at a different restaurant the following day. That was much more to my liking.


Food isn’t complete without drinks! Therefore dad and I had 2 different Swedish beers during our first meal. Mom opted for the fancy drink.


Day 2 food adventure began at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. This place has historic value. It was where the banquet was held after the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony. That alone is a pretty big deal. Not only that, the hotel houses chefs and mixologists that have won various awards in categories that are a pretty big deal. Too bad the bartender wasn’t in for us to try the lemonade, but we did have breakfast there. I liked the color palate of the room: shades of regal purple with hints of white and ivory.


I had the scandinavian eggs benedict. The parents had an assorted breakfast that would be considered “standard” in European breakfast cuisine with croissants, pastries and the like. In a few words, the breakfast food was delicious and filling.


We saved our appetites for dinner at Pontus by the Sea, which was along the water. I have never been to a restaurant where the seating had blankets for your use in case you got cold because of its location.

pontus_by_the_sea_blanket_stockholm_day_with_kaye pontus_by_the_sea_blanket2_stockholm_day_with_kaye

Appetizer was up first aka Pontus Grand Entre. In the center is Asparagus with hollandaise sauce and croutons. Upper left going clockwise is Toast Skagen, Beef Carpaccio with pine nuts, truffle creme and pickled artichoke, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with pesto and Swedish Bleak Roe with whipped lemon creme fraiche, red onion and potato blini. Whew, that’s a mouthful. (Thank you Pontus of the Sea menu.)


The food in the lower left corner has now entered as one of the top 10 things I have absolutely loved when I ate it. The combination was something unexpected. It was salty, savory and sweet. Absolutely too die for. And the flavors of the food just kept coming for the entree and dessert. Sous Vide-Baked Pork Loin and the Rhubarb Pie and the Strawberries with meringue and chocolate.


Aside from the fact I like food and cooking, I believe you can’t truly and fully experience the culture without having the food. Plus saying things like “I had Swedish meatballs in Sweden” is an added bonus 😉

Happy travels friends!