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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Christ the Redeemer

You may be familiar with the Christ the Redeemer from images or videos you may have seen… particularly the people who base-jump off the arm of the statue. If not, search it on YouTube. Christ the Redeemer is part of the list of the New 7 Wonders of … [Read more]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Hottest Spot North of Havana

My name isn’t Lola, and I’m not a showgirl, but we were in the Copacabana at the end of July. It was considered wintertime and cloudy for most of our stay, but we made the best of it even if we missed the masses of people lying on the Copacabana … [Read more]

Panama: Food Brings People Together

We asked the taxi driver what type of food to eat, and what restaurants he would recommend we would eat at that was near our hotel. Seafood was the answer. If you're a big fisherman, come to Panama. This place has lots of sports fishing. Though … [Read more]

New Look On Day With Kaye

2 announcements to make today: 1) Day With Kaye has a new look! Browse the site and check it out =) 2) Day With Kaye has a Facebook Fan Page! Click on the "Get Social" button to like the page, and to get updates on the blog. Happy travels … [Read more]

Panama: The Historic Quarter, Casco Antiguo

After getting back on the City Sightseeing bus, we stayed on to reach Casco Antiguo, the historic quarter also known as the Old Quarters (Old Town) or San Felipe. The town was set on fire and looted by pirate Henry Morgan. Since then, many buildings … [Read more]

Panama: Panama Canal

We visited at the end of June, which is considered its rainy season time. The opportune time tourists visit is dry season (December-April), but as you should know by now, that's not how we travel. For the 2 days we were there, Panama was … [Read more]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Noteworthy Dinner

They sure have an interesting way to say, "Hey have some dinner at our restaurant!" in Buenos Aires. They have the meat next to the fire to keep the meet warm. If that put your taste buds off, then you'll love how they decorated the restaurant … [Read more]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: No llores por mi Argentina

We spent one of our afternoons here at Museo Evita, or for you English speakers, Evita Museum, dedicated to the first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón. As for the familiar song to many, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", is a song in the musical "Evita", … [Read more]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Tango Time

This was the demonstration of the tango dance given by our instructors for the evening. They were also 2 of the dancers and entertainers at Sabor a Tango. This lesson was given before the dining portion of the evening, and I'll divulge in that in the … [Read more]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fiesta Gaucho

We spent half a day (late morning through the afternoon) in the town of Capilla del Senor, which is north of Buenos Aires, at the Don Silvano Ranch. We headed out to the ranch to check out the country side. Remember that we were in Argentina in June, … [Read more]